Frequently Asked Questions

From enrolment and costs, to outfits and concerts – these are the most commonly asked questions from our Little Lights Family.

How do I enrol my child at LLD?

You can enrol your child at LLD via our enrolment page on our website:

How long is the waiting list and waiting period at LLD?

Due to the high volumes of enrolments we currently have a 2-4 Term waiting period for some of our classes. A spot for your child may come up sooner than this waiting period. Feel free to stay in touch with us via email and we will do our best to get your little one dancing with us soon but please note, we will be in touch as soon as a spot becomes available.

Do you offer trial classes?

Yes, we do! However, due to the nature of our program a trial class is only available once your child receives a spot in our program. Your child is welcome to trial their first lesson and there is no charge for this if they do not wish to enrol. Should you
wish to join us in our program after your child’s first class, this class is then reflected in your fees.

How long is a term at LLD?

All our terms at LLD run for 9 weeks.

Where is LLD studio located?

We are located on the beautiful premises of C3 Church SYD, Oxford Falls (2 Dreadnought Road, Oxford Falls). Our preschool studio runs out of The Falls Café and Play and our school age classes are held in the classrooms situated on the premises.

Do I need to pay entry for The Falls Café and Play if I am attending ballet?

All dancers with LLD get free entry into The Falls Café and Play on their dancing day. Any siblings or friends playing in the play centre that are over 12 months must pay the LLD sibling rate of $5 in the morning (9am-3pm) or $3 afternoon rate (3pm-5pm).

We are so lucky that we get to partner with The Falls Café and Play and value our relationship in partnering with them in this way.

How much does a term at LLD cost?

As of 2020 our class fees are as follows:

30 minute class – $170

45 minute class – $180

60 minute class – $190

All siblings dancing with us receive a 10% discount and any child participating in two or more classes receives a 10% discount for every additional class.

*Please note fee prices are subject to change each year.

Do you offer make-up classes at LLD?

Each child can receive two make-up classes per term pending availability. Please note we do not offer refunds or credit for any classes missed due to holidays or sickness.

Is LLD an Active or Creative Kids voucher provider?

LLD is proudly a registered Active and Creative Kids voucher provider. Email us for information regarding how to claim your AKV or CKV voucher with us.

Does LLD take photos of my child?

Our lovely staff all have current Working With Children Checks and are the only people allowed to take photos of our students during class subject to professional photographers. If you’d like your child not be shown on our social media sites please email us and let us know.  Photos taken in class are also used for staff training and lesson preparation.

What do I wear to my first ballet or jazz class for my pre-schooler?

We do not have a uniform for our preschool program. Your child is welcome to wear any dance outfit they may have – we only ask no novelty dress up outfits or stick out tutus. All dancers are required to wear their hair up and off their face and ballet shoes fitted from Bloch or Spangles. Our preschool jazz students can wear any jazz outfit they have with black elastaboot jazz shoes bought from Bloch or Spangles. Note bare feet is fine for their frist lesson.

What do I wear for my first ballet or jazz class for my school aged student?

Our School Aged students wear a special LLD Uniform that can be bought in studio if your child decides to dance with us. All ballet students wear theatrical pink ballet tights or socks, professionally fitted ballet shoes and their hair in a bun. Our Jazz
students need a pair of black bike shorts, pink ballet socks and black elastaboot jazz shoes. Our Lyrical students need only our LLD Uniform leotard and a pair of black bike shorts.  No shoes needed for Lyrical.

Do you have an end of year concert at LLD?

Our end of year Showcase week is one of the highlights of our calender year and held on site in our Theatre space. We do concerts differently at LLD and hold Mini Concerts for our pre-schoolers where they perform with their class only on the same
day/time as their normal lesson. Our School Aged students have a combined concert with their day groups. Costs are kept to a minimum and allow your child the chance to perform with no extra rehearsals or late nights!

Can I watch my child’s class?

We prefer, if possible, that if your child is happy in the studio that you don’t watch your child’s class from inside the studio. We do have a viewing window in our preschool studio where you can watch from the outside. At the end of each term we hold a Watching Week where parents are invited to come watch their child’s class.