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Can you believe it’s coming into the last week of term 4! What an incredible year we’ve had…We welcomed many new families to our studio, held our annual photo shoot in term 3 (just quickly if you missed out on ordering and would like to please email us), were nominated as a finalist in the 2015 Local Business Awards, were given the opportunity for our ‘Bright Lights’ classes to perform in their first ‘production’ and saw your children grow in skill and confidence each week whilst we took them on many amazing adventures. We are so proud of each and every student and all that they have learnt this year.


We look forward in anticipation to so many exciting things in 2016 including the launch of two new streams of classes: ‘Shining Lights’ level 1 & 2 classical ballet program for children in Kindergarten – Year 2 taught by Miss Emma, and our new preschool jazz classes ‘Little Groovers’ for boys and girls aged 3.5 – 5.5yrs commencing in term 1 on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. We are also still in the process of finding a space so we can launch our ’Little Lights Adult ballet & stretch’ classes and are hoping to get a school aged boys Hip Hop class up and running as well, stay tuned. Our awesome facility ‘Kidz Connexion’ is being renovated in the holidays which includes a lovely new floor, freshly painted walls and new light fittings for the studio. It promises to be a VERY exciting year for us at Little Lights and we can’t wait to share it all with you and your families.


Enjoy catching up on what’s happening in the life of Little Lights and we’ll see you in the Theatre this week for our end of term celebration classes.


2015 Celebration Week 1st – 4th of December


Our end of year ‘celebration’ mornings are a special opportunity for your little ones to get used to performing in front of an audience in a familiar, non threatening and positive environment with the support of loved ones and friends. It’s going to be a wonderful week celebrating a fabulous year and all that your little people have achieved this term in the Theatre building on the grounds of C3 Church (just follow the pink arrows & balloons). We made a decision when we opened Little Lights Dance that we wouldn’t have an end of year concert for our preschoolers. We do believe in providing the opportunity for your little dancer to perform in front of an audience but just without the added costs, long rehearsals and anxieties associated with a concert for preschool age children.


This year our ‘Bright Lights’ classes (4.5 – 5.5yrs) enjoyed the opportunity of performing at the C3 College Christmas Production in their big auditorium. There was no charge for costumes or tickets, our rehearsals were appropriate in their length and requirements of the children at that age and from the feedback we’ve received thus far, the children had an absolute ball. We look forward to making this an annual performance opportunity for our ‘Bright Lights’ dancers (4.5 – 5.5yrs) and will be looking into providing other performing opportunities throughout 2016 for our other little dancers.


During our showcase this week you will get to see how our classes are run, watch your child receive a special certificate (and a small gift) from us as we celebrate their progress and achievements this term. In order for these mornings to run smoothly we would ask that you please read the following points:

  • Please keep your visitors to strictly 5 per family (siblings not included).
  • Please arrive on time and find your seat in the allocated seating area. Arriving late is disruptive for our class flow and can overwhelm your little dancer walking into a large dance space with lots of people watching!
  • We would ask that if siblings are watching and become restless or distracting that you please leave the theatre and return when they have settled.
  • Please do not let siblings dance with your child during the lesson.
  • It is important to be aware that some children can find showcase days a little overwhelming for a myriad of reasons. They may decide that they don’t want to participate in the class like they usually do and may prefer to sit and watch. This is completely normal and expected with some children this age. We are here to make the morning as fun and enjoyable for everyone and support your child through this new experience.
  • Photography is allowed during these mornings but we would ask that if you are posting any photos on social media that you first check with the parents of the children that are in the pics. We have 2 hastags #lldshowcase and #littlelightsdance that you can use on Instagram when sharing photos so we can all see the super cute pics of the week if your profile settings are not set to ‘private’ and of course you’re welcome to email any pics to us that you’d like to share.


What to wear…


This terms showcase is different from our other showcase weeks held at the end of each term in that it’s in a very special Theatre with proper dance floor, a ballet barre and lights with a much bigger audience than they are used to. So for your little dancer this will feel like a concert and we want that to translate into what they wear. We have been preparing them for this during class by reading many beautiful children’s books about ‘concerts’ and ‘recitals’ and talking about the beautiful ‘unicorn wings and horns’ being our costumes for our special celebration. Therefore we would ask that your child comes dressed in their ‘best’ ballet clothes all ready to perform with their ballet shoes on (for 2.5 – 5.5yr olds) and black jazz shoes for boys (please email me if this is a problem) and hair tied back off their faces. We would love our ‘Bright Lights – 4.5 – 5.5yr olds’ to have their hair in a ballet bun and any of our little dancers too if you wish. I have attached a Youtube video of ‘how to do a ballet bun’ – Please remember that we are a ‘relaxed’ studio but LOVE our little ones to look their best for special days such as these. No problem if your bun attempt fails, there are many years ahead for us to work together with you to perfect the art of the ballet bun!


***Please no dress up dresses, fairy dresses or long fashion dresses. We love to be able to see what your little ones legs are doing and find it hard in these long dresses. Not to mention that they can trip. We will have a special ‘dress up’ week in term 2 next year celebrating our 2nd birthday. Enjoy getting ready at home with you child and preparing them for this beautiful morning of celebration.


Term 1 2016 Re-enrolments 

Our timetable for term 1 2016 is available for you to view on our website. Please note that there are some timetable changes and staff changes on certain days. With my son Anders starting school next year I felt it necessary to only teach 2 days in term one to help him with the transition from preschool to big school and also allow me some time to get our Little Lights online store up and running with our props and cute merchandise for sale as well as many other exciting things! The wonderful Miss Emma will be teaching on Thursday and Friday mornings in term 1 and I will be teaching Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.


Our re-enrolments will open on Saturday 5th of December – Friday 11th December. I can’t stress enough how important it is if you are wishing for your child to continue with us next year to make sure that you jump online to our website, click on the ‘enrol’ tab and enrol your little one in the class that works for you next year by Friday 11th of December as after this enrolments will open to all those on our waiting list and your child’s spot will be given to the next little dancer in line. With the ballet school forecasted to reach approx. 350 students in 2016 you can imagine with a studio this size it’s going to be too time consuming for me to follow everyone up that doesn’t enrol by the closing date. If you have any questions about which class to put your child in, please email us at As a small family-run business we really appreciate your patience with us during the re-enrolment time each term and know that we do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. Fees are due at the end of the first week of term 1 2016 – Friday 4th February and invoices will be emailed to everyone mid January.


Fee increase in term 1 2016

Next term our fees will be increasing by $2 per class per child. We wanted to take this opportunity to let you know the reasoning behind this decision. A lot of time, money and energy is poured into our programs each term in order to produce classes that are resourced with amazing props, beautiful picture books and music to inspire their little imaginations. With the growth of the school we feel this increase is necessary to continue to deliver the high standard you have come to expect from us and we believe that it appropriately reflects the high value of our program.


Shining Lights school age program

This amazing program will launch in Term 1 2016 on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon taught by Miss Emma. We may look at offering more afternoons depending on demand. You can find out more information on this new and exciting classical ballet program by visiting our website. Many mums have asked about whether their child will be required to wear a uniform to these classes and the answer is yes however it will be in keeping with the vision and style of Little Lights. We look forward to working with Felicia Palanca from Flo Dancewear who after spending over ten years as a senior dancer with the Australian Ballet Company, has taken her love of dance and combined it with her passion for costume and design to create a gorgeous range of dance clothing for children. Our uniform for the Shining Lights Level 1 & 2 dancers will allow them to choose from a selection of her styles and colours to suit different body shapes, favourite colours and styles (more info to come on this as soon as possible).


Miss Asanja & welcome Miss Hannah

We’re sure that all of our Thursday dancers would agree that Miss Asanja is such a beautiful, warm and encouraging dance teacher and we have absolutely loved having her on the Little Lights team. It’s with much excitement that we congratulate her on being accepted into The Village full time dance course in 2016. This unfortunately means that Miss Asanja will be finishing up her time teaching with us at the end of this year but is ALWAYS welcome back with open arms. She promises to come and visit us when she can! We will be introducing our new assistant teacher Miss Hannah in the next few weeks so be sure to check our website for her wonderful bio. We are sure you will all love her.


So that’s it from us…on behalf of all the staff here at Little Lights, we want to thank you for all your love and support over 2015 and wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. We look forward to seeing you all when classes commence Tuesday 1st February and to those in our Blazing Lights and Bright Lights classes who are heading to ‘big school’ next year we wish you all the best with this next adventure and look forward to hearing how it all goes.


Much Love,


Miss Sonja and the Little Lights Team xx

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