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Little Lights Dance is located in Oxford Falls, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Our program caters for children ages 2-10 years and offers classes in ballet, lyrical and jazz. We’re a non- competitive school, meaning students are free to learn dance without the pressure of outcome- based training associated with exams and eisteddfords.

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Reimagining dance

for the little people in your world…

Our classes will provide your child with a strong technical foundation in dance, will
unlock their imaginations and teach them how to express themselves through


Our classes are held on the premises of C3 Church SYD, Oxford Falls Campus.


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Meet the Team

The heart of Little Lights Dance is to inspire your child to fall in love with dance.

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Little Lights is more than I could have dreamed of to introduce my girls to ballet.

Sonja is an incredible teacher with creativity, passion and attention to detail that is very rare to find. I knew Little Lights was special the very first time I joined my daughter for a mums and bubs class 5 years ago. Since then I feel like we have become part of the Little Lights family and I am now enjoying mums and bubs classes with my 3rd ballerina. The program is full of age appropriate wonder, beautiful music, imagination, incredible props and a perfectly structured class that has quiet moments, fun jazzy bits and everything in between to keep the dancers engaged.

Sonja and her beautiful staff create a calm, safe and welcoming environment where I have seen so many children thrive. I actually can’t believe how lucky we are to have this gem so close to where we live. In saying that we would travel pretty far for these classes because I don’t think there is anywhere better! I could go on forever, but ultimately I am just so thankful for the beautiful moments Little Lights has given my family. They will surely become some of the fondest memories my girls have of their childhood.


Little Lights Dance is the most amazing dance studio!

From the moment we started, 3 years ago, we were welcomed, nurtured, loved and encouraged. Each class brings the most magical experience for the students from the incredible props, the amazing and loving teachers and fantastic themes to grow the imaginations of each child.
We love Little Lights and feel so blessed to be part of this dance community, where the love of dance shines through in every little detail. My child gets excited each week for her class and is beaming with joy when she’s finished – can’t ask for more than that!

Our family has been a part of the LLD family for nearly 5 years.

 I say “family” because that is truly how it feels as both our daughters are growing up with this beautiful dance school. Sonja and her team are beyond amazing. They bring dance, music, creativity and the love of imaginary play into our daughters’ classes. Ballet classes are the highlight of our daughters’ week! They both learn the techniques and skills of ballet, delivered to them in the most fun, loving and magical way using props that have my girls squealing in excitement. I just wish LLD was around when I was a little girl dancing ballet.

Thank you for all you do LLD and we can’t wait for more years of dancing with you!

Maile & Nick

We’ve been a part of the Little Lights Dance community for nearly three years.

 Miss Sonja has created the most wonderful, nurturing environment in which our precious children absolutely thrive.  Her creativity and imagination, coupled with her passion and unwavering commitment is truly awe inspiring.  The LLD’s program taps into every element of our children’s physical and emotional development.  Our now five year old eagerly counts down the number of sleeps until her weekly class – a safe, secure environment where she has the freedom to flourish.  Thank you to Miss Sonja and your amazing team for playing such an enormous role in our little girls development during these formative years – we are eternally grateful!


Little Lights is absolute perfection when it comes to a ballet school for little people.

My two girls have been either dancing or watching (from a baby capsule during her sisters Teeny Tiny  parents and bubs class) for almost 4 years now and it has been a magical experience every step of the way. Sonja and her beautiful team create an imaginative world of unicorns, mermaids, snowmen, fairies, teddy bears and every other possibility that a little dancer will love and adore. My girls cannot wait to go to ballet every week – if they are being a bit naughty I say I’ll call Miss Sonja and tell her they can’t come to ballet this week and they turn into angels! Words cannot describe how amazing this dance school is. All creative with no pressure – our world is too full of crazy expectations and Little Lights lets kids indulge completely in their own little imaginative worlds for a snippet of time every week.


There is a lot I could say about why we love LLD...

Leila has a love of dance that you’ve helped flourish and a big imagination you give space to run wild each week. She is a strongly determined spirit that you allow room for and gently channel the right way rather than trying to squash it.

But the best thing you’ve ever done for us was the end of year concert last year. It was held the day after my courageous sister and best friend went to heaven after her battle with cancer. My mother, grandmother and I were (and still are) quite shell shocked by the whole thing but you gave us a magical escape into somewhere beautiful for the precious minutes we watched Leila and her class dance around in an imagined never land.

Thank you for the beautiful world you create.


What's not to love about Little Lights Dance?

The teachers are passionate, caring and encouraging and the classes are creative and inspire each child to develop their dance skills and their imagination. The props used in each class are exquisite and are carefully crafted to complement and enhance Sonja’s incredible programs. Our three daughters have developed confidence, creativity and a love of dance under their expert care. 


This is not a ballet school, this is a ballet imaginarium filled with wonder!

I could never have dreamed that we would be so lucky to find a ballet school for our girls that captivated their imagination, embraced their childhood dreams of dress-up and music and out of all of it, taught them to dance.  My girls, neither of who sit still or stop talking at home, wait captivated by every word that their teachers say and remain engaged in all aspects of the class. They are individually made to feel so special and we get to watch on in wonder at the joy and excitement that each week brings.


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