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Preschool classes 

At LLD, it's important to us that your children feel comfortable in what they are wearing in order for them to dance freely and express themselves creatively at this young age. Our preschool classes do not have a specific uniform that we require them to wear. Rather, we allow them to choose which leotard, tulle skirt or ballet dress they would like to wear to their weekly classes. Click on the link to view suggestions on what to wear for this age along with what shoes are required for each class. Happy shopping. 


School age classes

At LLD, our school age students take great pride and joy in wearing their LLD uniforms to their classes each week. Available to purchase from Spangles in Dee Why and shoes/tights from Bloch Warringah Mall, our uniforms help your child to feel a part of our LLD community, making getting ready for dancing each week easier for all and assisting in the teaching of dance etiquette. We also have second hand options available at the studio and on our Facebook Marketplace page (simply email us to find out more).

For our current uniform requirements please click on the links below:

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