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Little Lights

Timetable & Classes

Our classes are divided into three age groups – Preschool, Junior School and Middle School and are held throughout 4 studios; Luna Studio, Dawn Studio, Dream Studio, and Star Studio.

Little Lights



Preschool Classes

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Teeny Tiny Lights
(Mum's/Carers & Bubs)

 Age   2-2.5 years
Class Duration   30mins

 Class Number   8 children

 Fees   $175 for a 9 week term

This class is the perfect introduction to ballet, movement and music with the support of a loved one. Fortnightly themes using stunning props to captivate your child’s imagination, the introduction of basic ballet steps and gross motor skills, Emma Wiggle classics and a whole lot more. 


Mum/Dad/Nanna/Pa/special friend welcome to be the grown up participating in the lesson.

School Age Classes

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Shining Lights

 Age   Classes are divided into three separate age groups; Kindy, Yr1, and Yr2
Class Duration   45mins 

 Class Number   15 children plus two teachers in most classes

 Syllabus   Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D) & Australian Teachers of Dance (ATOD)

 Fees   $185 for a 9 week term

Our Shining Lights classical program continues to build upon the classical foundations laid in our preschool program. Our classes follow the Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D.) syllabus as well as the Australian Teachers of Dance syllabus. We also introduce the study of classical ballets taught using our own LLD syllabi. Our levels progress as your child develops and exercises are programmed to both challenge, inspire and develop in your child a lifelong love of ballet. With a strong focus on unlocking your child’s imagination and telling a story through dance, these classes progress from our preschool program into learning the beautiful skill of improvisation and choreography.

Our Location

Our classes are located on the grounds of C3 Church, 2 Dreadnought Rd Oxford Falls. We run classes in multiple studios across the site. Our preschool classes are held in our Dawn Studio (The Falls Cafe and play centre) and our new Dream Studio (on Friday mornings only). Our school age classes are held in our Star studio (known as the Theatre), our Luna studio (downstairs under the Theatre) and our new Dream Studio (located on the field in the demountables). Please contact us if you are unsure which studio your child's class is in. 

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