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Our Fees

  • 30min classes, $210 per 10 week term

  • 45min classes, $220 per 10 week term
  • 60min classes, $230 per 10 week term


  • 1-2 classes FULL PRICE
  • 3rd class 10% discount
  • 4th class 20% discount
  • 5th class 30% discount
  • 6+ classes a flat fee will be organised for you

Siblings receive a 10% sibling discount until they reach the 4th tier on the structure above.

Trial classes & paying fees

  • Once your child is enrolled at LLD you do not need to re-enrol them each term. Their enrolment simply rolls over from term to term. Our team will let you know if/when we feel your child is ready to move up to the next level (mainly for preschool).
  • All new students will be charged a $25 Registration Fee upon enrollment on their first invoice. Our Registration fee is then charged annually for each new year (end of Term 4 for the new year).
  • If you choose not to enrol your child after their trial lesson, then there is no charge for that class.
  • We do not offer causal classes at LLD and trial classes can only be organised when a spot becomes available.
  • We are an Active & Creative Kids provider which means you can use your vouchers towards your term fees.

Makeup classes

  • We offer two makeup classes per term pending availability.
  • Makeup classes do not roll over into the next term.
  • We do not offer refunds for missed classes due to holidays or illness.
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